INFLECTION Con 2: Day 2 Recap


On day 2 of INFLECTION Con 2, we took the inspiration from day 1 and put it into action with a full day of workshops. Attendees worked through exercises and got one on one feedback from our slate of workshop leaders.

First, we’d like to thank our awesome sponsors and core team:

Surdna Foundation (Supporting just and sustainable communities)
Microsoft for Startups (Helping B2B startups grow)
Azlo (Business banking for entrepreneurs)
Clearbanc (Equity-Free Financing)
Digital Ocean - (Get $50 in hosting credit)
Stripe (Payment processing & company formation)
Alley (Community space for creators)
Acast (Podcasting network)
Scout Lab (the best brand agency. trust me)
Little Universe (digital product agency)
McCarter & English (startup legal)
Sage Labs (create great landing pages from customer feedback)

The whole day was hosted at the Microsoft Reactor space in Times Square, where events for startups and technical leaders take place consistently (if you have a great event or community that needs event space, reach out to Frank).


Taylor Davidson kicked us off with a talk about financial models and how it plays into your overall company strategy. Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs with his pre-formatted models at, Taylor imparted the importance of understanding your model from an early stage.


Asher King Abramson , co-founder of growth marketing agency Bell Curve led a session on growth marketing. Asher covered many different channels, from social ads, to LinkedIn, to referrals and cold email. We ended with a live teardown of some marketing pages which helped show some real world examples.


Annie Maguire led a great session on copywriting, breaking down the structure of good copy.


Scott Smedresman of McCarter lead us through a session about how to close enterprise deals. Many startups want to do these deals but knowing the baseline of whats necessary from a legal perspective to be ready.


After lunch, attendees got lots of one-on-one time with our workshop leaders and each other:


Michael Saloio led a unique session on communication. So many issues we face with building teams centers around communication styles, so going through the various exercises helped in understanding what people intend to communicate and how to structure communication so that the intent shines through.


Chantal Gagnon of led a session on design thinking. Attendees got to work through some exercises and learned about ways to bring design thinking into their daily startup process.


Raechel Lambert of Olivine Marketing led our session on messaging, giving key structure to how you communicate who you are and what you do. Hearing entrepreneurs work through their messaging out loud helped give context for everyone else in the room.


Danielle Morrill of Twilio / Mattermark / Meltano gave a raw talk about influences in building startups and her thought process now on building companies. Biggest takeaway is to remember the joy of just making things and let that lead you.


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Frank Denbow